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Blue Banger Hanger® internally threaded inserts are cast into the underside of the concrete deck after being fastened to the top of wood forms or metal deck. Once the concrete has cured, the anchor provides an attachment point for threaded rod used to hang electrical, mechanical and plumbing utilities. The Blue Banger Hanger insert is the only pre-pour insert to offer the patented multi-thread design that enables one size insert to handle multiple diameters of threaded rod.

  • Quick and easy installation saves time and money- no assembly required
  • Patented multi-thread design allows each hanger to accept multiple diameters of threaded rod. Three sizes of hangers can handle all applications, reducing contractor and distributor inventories
  • Multi-thread design allows threaded rod size to be changed after the anchor is in the concrete
  • Machined steel insert with large flanged head provides high tension and shear loads for overhead attachments
  • Positive attachment to form keeps the hanger vertical and in the correct position.
  • Internal threads eliminate the cost of rod couplers
  • The head is stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie® “≠” sign for easy identification before the concrete pour

Blue Banger Hanger



    Blue Banger Hanger product data



    • Drill a hole in the metal deck using the appropriate diameter bit as referenced in the table.
    • Insert the hanger into the hole and strike the top so that the plastic sleeve is forced through the hole and expands against the bottom side of the deck. The anchor can also be installed by stepping on it.

    Metal Roof Deck Insert

    • Drill a hole in the metal deck using the appropriate diameter bit as referenced in the table.
    • Insert the hanger into the hole and fasten to the deck with the two pre-staked, self-drilling sheet metal screws provided.

    Blue Banger Hanger Installation

    Blue Banger Hanger Metal Deck Install

    Blue Banger Hanger Installation Sequence

    Blue Banger Hanger Metal Roof Deck Install

    Blue Banger Hanger Installation Sequence

    • Factory Mutual 3024378 (except roof deck insert)
    • Underwriters Laboratories File EX3605 (except roof deck insert)
    • Metal deck insert (BBMD) in compliance with UL Standard 2043, 2nd edition, “Fire test for heat and visible smoke release for discrete products and their accessories installed in air- handling spaces.”

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