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Rotary Rebar Cutters are designed to work in conjunction with masonry bits. When rebar is encountered while drilling concrete or masonry, use the rebar cutter with its annular cutting design and carbide teeth to drill through the rebar and surrounding concrete. Once through, continue drilling with the masonry bit. Rotary rebar eaters have a 1/2″ shank, or SDS Plus shank in diameters up to 1″.




  1/2 12
  5/8 12
  3/4 12
  7/8 12
1 12
1  1/8 12
1  1/4 12
1  3/8 12
1  1/2 12
1  3/4 12
2      12
2  1/2 12
3      12

All dimensions are in inches. Diameters 1-3/8″ and larger are a 2 piece design which includes the shank and core drill.

Rebar Cutter

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