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The Figure 260 Clevis Hanger is recommended for the suspension of stationary pipe lines. Hanger load nut above clevis must be tightened securely to assure proper hanger performance. Vertical adjustment without removing pipe may be made from 3/8″ through 5-1/8″ varying with the size of clevis. Tighten upper nut after adjustment.


1/2″ through 30″


Carbon Steel


Plain 750° F, Galvanized 450° F


ASME B31.1, Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 1), WW-H-171-E (Type 1),ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 1). UL, ULC Listed and FM Approved (Sizes 3⁄4″ through 8″).


Punched forming holes may be present on certain sizes of this clevis hanger. These holes are solely for the purpose of manufacturing, and do not effect the structural integrity or load carrying capacities of these hangers.For insulated line options without shields, see Fig 260 ISS and Fig 300. For insulated line options with shields, see Fig 167 and Fig 168. For ductile iron pipe sizes, see Figure 590.Caution: When an oversize clevis is used, a pipe spacer or multispacer should be placed over clevis bolt to ensure that the lower U-strap will not move in on the bolt.


Fig 260 Clevis Hanger


    Fig 260 Clevis Hanger Installation Drawing

    Fig 260 Clevis Hanger Installation Drawing

    Fig 260 Clevis Hanger Installation Drawing

    Fig 260 Clevis Hanger Installation Drawing

    The above drawings represent some common installations of the pipe support represented on this page. Installation types and configurations are not limited to the drawings above, but should always follow the manufacturers guidelines for application and installation.


    Fig 260 Clevis Hanger Drawing

    Fig 260 Clevis Hanger Drawing

    Pipe Sizes 1″ and Larger

    Pipe Sizes 1/2″ to 3/4″

    Fig 260 Clevis Hanger Loads, Weights, and Dimensions

    “Span” represents the maximum recommended distance between hangers on a continuous and straight run of horizontal standard weight steel pipe filled with water. In all cases, verify that chosen location of hangers does not subject hangers to a load greater than the maximum recommended load shown above. *Indicates that span represents the maximum span for water filled pipe as given in Table 1.




    Anvil International

    Figure 260

    Carpenter & Paterson Figure 100
    Piping Technology Figure 83
    PHD Figure 450,451
    B-LINE Figure B3100

    ¹Product loads, weights, and dimensions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Products may not be identical in size and shape. The Product Cross Reference is a guide for the product application only.

  • Also Known As

    Saddle Clamp

    Stirrup Hanger

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