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The Figure 268 Variable Spring Hanger, or Spring Can, is recommended for support applications that are subject to vertical thermal movement and for which a constant support hanger is not required. Type D & E spring hangers may accommodate less than 4° of rod swing depending on size, figure number, and application.

  • Precompression: Precompressing the spring into the hanger casing provides the following advantages:
    • Saves up to 50% in headroom by reducing the length of the hanger.
    • Reduces the installed height of the overall hanger assembly.
    • Prevents the spring supporting force from exceeding the normal safe limits of variations.
    • Saves valuable erection time because spring is precompressed close to 1⁄2″ of the working range.
  • Calibration: All Variable Spring Hangers and supports are calibrated for accurate loading conditions.
  • Load indicator is clearly seen in the slot, simplifying reading of the scale plate. Load is read from bottom of indicator.
  • Cold set at the factory upon request.
  • Spring and casing are fabricated of steel and are rugged and compact.
  • Piston cap serves as a centering device or guide maintaining spring alignment.
  • Casing protects the spring from damage and weather conditions.

Standard Finish: Painted with a semi-gloss primer. Standard finish denoted by a “B” before the figure number (i.e. Figure B-268).

Corrosion Resistant: Corrosion-resistant and weather resistant Spring Cans are available to fill vital needs in the chemical and refinery industries as well as in modern outdoor power plant construction. For protection against severe weather conditions or moderate corrosive conditions, the parts of the hanger are galvanized per ASTM A-153, except the spring which has a protective coating and the load column for Type F which is electro-galvanized. Corrosion resistant finish denoted by a “C” before the figure number (i.e. Figure C-268).

  • Protects from a wide range of corrosives.
  • Does not affect the flex life of the spring.
  • Recommended for ambient temperatures up to 200° F.

The Variable Spring Hanger in five series and seven types is offered on 23 sizes (B-268 is offered in 25 sizes). The hanger can be furnished to take loads from 10 lbs to 10,000 lbs.


WW-H-171E (Types 51, 56, and 57), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Types 51, 52, and 53). Variable Spring Hangers are welded in accordance with ASME Section K.


Type A Spring Can



Type G Spring Can


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