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Attach devices to grating surface.

The Model GM-12 Clip is a galvanized assembly of parts that can be used as a stable base on which to mount other devices to a grating surface.  The Model GM Grating Clip includes a 1/2″-13 stud in 3″ or 5″ length.

GM Clips



Model GM Grating Clips can be installed entirely from above the grating surface.

  1. Hold the device from its upper stud’s end, and allow the bottom stamped piece to fit down into, and below, the grating’s lower surface.
  2. Rotate the assembly 90 degrees, allowing the lower unit wings to trap under the grating bars, preventing further turning of the bottom.
  3. Then pull upward on the stud, and hold.
  4. Turn the upper plate clockwise until tight, using either a 2″ open end wrench, or a GM installation tool.
  5. Mount desired device to the exposed threaded stud.

Most larger devices, such as panel enclosures, require 4 mounting devices. Each model GM-1/2″ can withstand 1,000 pounds of upward pulling force without distorting any of its parts.

Model GM Installation Drawing

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