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The Standon Model #S96 Flange Cradle Pipe Support is designed to support a horizontal pipe line via a cradle below the flange. Centering tabs maintain position during seismic activity, and are spaced to avoid bolt position conflict. User supplies desired length of schedule 40 pipe to insert between the upper collar and lower base cup. Vertical adjustment is attained through the use of threaded rod in the upper collar to which the flange cradle is attached.


2″ through 24″


Flange Cradle: ASTM A36, Collar/Base Cups: ASTM A53 D.O.M Tubing, Threaded Stud: ASTM A307 Rolled Thread, Base Plate: ASTM A36 Sheet Steel – 0.25″ Plate, Optional: 100% 304 Stainless Steel


Electro-Galvanized (unless Stainless), Optional Finishes Available


All Welds: 100% MIG Welded- Electrode E70XX, Cradle: Radiused to Class 125 Flange Diameter – 120° Coverage, Plates: Laser Cut, Radiused Corners


Collar and base cup accept standard IPS pipe, no threading is required.

Standon Model S96 Flange Cradle Pipe Support


    Standon Model S96 Flange Cradle Support Specifications


    Measure Distance from flange to floor.

    1. Measure distance from bottom of flange to finish floor elevation. Inspect flange edge surface and remove any casting bumps or tabs.

    Cut Sch. 40 pipe 4" shorter.

    2. Cut a piece of schedule 40 pipe 4″ less than the previously measured distance.

    Thread collar onto stud of saddle and insert Sch. 40 pipe into collar and base.

    3. Thread the collar assembly all the way onto the stud of the flange cradle, then assemble the lower portion of the completed support including the cut pipe pipe section and position under the pipe flange.

    Turn collar counter-clockwise to tighten.

    4. Turn the collar assembly counter-clockwise until the cradle rests snugly under the flange connection, and the flange connection is in between the seismic tabs. Insure that the base assembly is positioned directly under piping system. Base may be secured to the floor with 1/2″ wedge anchors if required.

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