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ASTM F835 Covers the mechanical and material requirements for alloy steel button and flat socket head cap screws.
ASME B18.3 Covers the complete general and dimensional data for various types of hexagon socket cap screws, shoulder screws and set screws.
ASME B1.1 UNC & UNF Class 3A Specifies the thread form, series, class, allowance, tolerance, and designation for unified screw threads.



Socket head shoulder bolts (sometimes called stripper bolts) have a smooth shoulder, larger than thread diameter, running down the majority of the length of the fastener. The shoulder, having a larger diameter than the threads allow the fastener to be used in rotating applications such as pulley shafts, bearing pins, axles, and pivot points. The thread length is standard for a given diameter. Unlike most fasteners, socket head shoulder bolts are not sized by the thread diameter and length under the head. Shoulder bolts are sized by specifying the diameter and length of the shoulder on the bolt. 

Socket Head Cap Screw Head




Socket Head Shoulder Bolt Dimensional Data

Socket Head Shoulder Bolt Dimensional Data 2

Sources: ASTM Standards for Mechanical Fasteners and Related Processes 2nd Edition, Inch Fastener Standards 8th Edition, Kanebridge Fastener Reference Guide 4th Edition

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