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A Coated Long Tangent U-Bolt is a U shaped bolt with threaded legs protruding from a curved base, coated with a low friction, abrasion resistant coating . U-Bolts are designed to secure piping to structural members. These u-bolts are coated with ArmorCote™, a u-bolt coating with a low coefficient of friction that allows for movement without damage to the pipe coating. It is a unique UV stabilized thermo-plastic that maintains its integrity even under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Unlike minimum millage dipped coatings or hand wrapped rubber applications, ArmorCote™ resists tearing and will not unravel over time.

Coated Long Tangent U-Bolt

U-Bolt Neoprene Pipe Support Pads



Neoprene pipe support pads are a flat, rectangular-shaped 1/8″ thick piece of neoprene with holes to accommodate a u-bolt. The pad sits in between the pipe and structure to prevent corrosion.

U-Bolt 180 Degree Pipe Support Pad


180 degree pipe protection pads (also known as Half-Rounds, or I-Rods) are the best pipe support solution because of zero water absorption, and because of the small contact area between the pipe and support, the possibility of crevice corrosion is minimal. Also available in a 360 degree design (Full Round).


Coated U-Bolt Dimensions

Dimensions are typical for the sizes shown. Tolerances may vary. Not all sizes available in all materials and finishes.


U-Bolt Dimensional Drawing

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